Breaking Out of the Bubble Wrap: October Worship Series

This month we continue immersing ourselves in a new vision for LAUMC. Each worship series examines one facet of the vision; this month the focus is on breaking out of the places we get stuck and finding the courage to take meaningful risks. Don’t miss our guest preacher on October 13: theologian and author Brian McLaren. He will give the message at the morning services and join us for Conversational Church.

October 13 – Faith Seeking Action: The Seventh Story

Brian McLaren, guest preacher

October 20 – Where We Get Stuck: Swaddled in Safety

1 Corinthians 13:11-13

October 27 – Where We Get Stuck: Virtual Action Figures

Luke 9:28-36

November 3 (All Saints Day) – Where We Get Stuck: The Illusion of Control

Mark 10:17-23; Holy Communion