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Governance Committees

Governance Committees are specified by the UMC Book of Discipline and responsible for governing the core administrative functions of the church.

Church Council

  • Sets strategic direction for the church
  • Oversees the church’s governance and administration
  • Ensures that LAUMC’s ministries are accomplishing our purpose, vision and mission
  • Chairperson: Margie Gong, churchcouncil@laumc.org

Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

  • Oversees the identification and development of volunteer leadership
  • Invites, connects, equips and sustains volunteer leaders
  • Co-Chairpersons: Susan O’Neil and Sr. Pastor Kathi McShane, nominations@laumc.org

Finance Committee

  • Manages and safeguards the financial assets of the congregation, excluding land and buildings (managed by the Board of Trustees)
  • Provides financial direction (e.g., budget) and controls (e.g., audit)
  • Communicates the church’s financial condition to the Church Council
  • Develops and administers a coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies and procedures for the church
  • Chairperson: Derek Nam, financecommittee@laumc.org

Staff Parish Relations Committee

  • Acts as a liaison between staff, clergy, and the congregation
  • Ensures that the church is a fulfilling place to work
  • Reflects on the roles and responsibilities of ministry and administrative staff; takes ownership for church staff organizational design
  • Chairperson: Stan Barkey, staffparishrelations@laumc.org

Board of Trustees

  • Provides for care and maintenance of church property (real, personal, intellectual)
  • Holds title to church property, buildings, and equipment
  • Manages and receives property for the church
  • President: Raymond Lockley, boardoftrustees@laumc.org


Practice Committees

Practice Committees provide strategic ministry leadership in six core practices of faith and sponsor and guide various ministry teams related to each practice.

Radical Hospitality

  • Invites, welcomes, and cares for all who enter LAUMC’s community of faith
  • Supports the welcoming ministries of LAUMC
  • Ensures that all LAUMC activity, ministry, and support teams understand how to extend the welcome of Christ to newcomers
  • Co-Chairpersons: Jana Powell and Leslie Williams-Hurt, radicalhospitality@laumc.org

Passionate Worship

  • Provides a vision and framework for the worship life of LAUMC
  • Empowers worship leaders to bring passion to every aspect of worship
  • Encourages the congregation to be passionate worshippers
  • Encourages worship in all aspects of church life, including worship that occurs in places other than the LAUMC campus
  • Chairperson: Jan Grace, passionateworship@laumc.org

Deepening Faith

  • Supports opportunities for people to grow in their faith and deepen their personal relationships with God
  • Guides and facilitates a range of programs, classes, and small groups intended to support the spiritual growth and development of all age groups and constituencies
  • Chairperson: Carol Pugh, deepeningfaith@laumc.org

Bold Service and Social Justice

  • Provides a vision and framework for LAUMC’s service and social justice activities
  • Maintains LAUMC’s connections with UMC mission organizations (e.g., UMVIM, UMCOR)
  • Maintains LAUMC’s relationships with community service/aid organizations
  • Provides guidance and support for LAUMC hands-on mission and service teams
  • Co-Chairpersons: Leslie Carmichael and Jan McDaniel, boldserviceandsocialjustice@laumc.org

Extravagant Generosity

  • Creates a compelling vision of how money and generous giving enable fulfillment of LAUMC’s mission and purpose
  • Encourages joyous, generous, and consistent giving as an essential practice of Christian discipleship that strengthens the ministries of the church
  • Chairperson: Phil Pompei, extravagantgenerosity@laumc.org


Vision Team

The Vision Team is a subcommittee of the LAUMC Church Council with responsibility for leadership of visioning and strategic planning for the congregation. The role of this team is to ensure that LAUMC’s vision for the future remains vital and relevant. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that responsibility for 2020 Vision initiatives is assigned.
  • Monitoring and reporting the results of 2020 Vision projects vs. expectations.
  • Staying in touch with the priorities of the congregation.
  • Considering the impact of shifts in demographics and economic/political/social change on the future of LAUMC.
  • Conducting a formal bi-annual vision update.

The members of the Vision Team are:

  • Chairs of the Church Council Practice Committees:
    Radical Hospitality, Deepening Faith, Passionate Worship, Bold Mission & Service, Extravagant Generosity, and Foundation for Growth
  • Clergy and Ministry Leaders:
    Senior Pastor, Minister of Community Engagement, Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Minister of Young Adults, Director of Children’s Ministry, Director of Ministry and Music for Youth, Director of the Children’s Center Preschool, and Director of Congregational Care
  • Chair of the Church Council