Lay Leadership Chairpersons

Governance Committees

Church Council

Margie Gong

Chairperson: Margie Gong

Nominations & Leadership Development Committee

Susan O’Neil

Co-chairperson: Susan O’Neil

Finance Committee

Derek Nam

Chairperson: Derek Nam

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Stan Barkey

Chairperson: Stan Barkey

Board of Trustees

Raymond Lockley

President: Raymond Lockley


Practice Committees

Radical Hospitality

Jana Powell and Leslie Williams-Hurt

Jana Powell (left) & Leslie Williams-Hurt (right)

Passionate Worship

Jan Grace

Chairperson: Jan Grace

Deepening Faith

Carol Pugh

Chairperson: Carol Pugh

Bold Service & Social Justice

Leslie Carmichael and Jan McDaniel

Leslie Carmichael (left) & Jan McDaniel (right)

Extravagant Generosity

Phil Pompei

Chairperson: Phil Pompei