Confirmation at Los Altos UMC happens during the eighth grade year. In January, our eighth grade Sunday school class becomes our Confirmation class. Confirmation is traditionally the time in the life of our youth when they look closely at what it means to be a Christian in general, to be a United Methodist in particular, and to be a member of Los Altos UMC specifically. It is a great time for them to explore their faith, grapple with some of the tough questions facing them and their generation (and facing all people of faith), and to get to know themselves and their church a bit better. The word “confirmation” is used because for students who were baptized as infants or children, this class invites them to decide whether to “confirm” the vows made on their behalf at their baptism.

Students do not have to decide about church membership prior to joining the Confirmation class. In fact, we would prefer that they come with an open mind – ready to explore the issues and learn more, but waiting to make their final decision about membership until they have taken part in the class.

Confirmation classes are held on Sunday mornings, January through March. Around Easter time, students are invited, but not pressured, to make their personal decisions about membership. The Confirmation Service is on a Saturday evening in the Sanctuary. Confirmands will also participate in leading the Sunday services the next day.

As part of the Confirmation experience, each student will be paired with a mentor—a non-parent adult who will walk with them through the whole experience. Mentors and students talk through the learnings of the Confirmation Class, ask and explore questions about life and faith, and provide for each other a safe space for authentic sharing.