Memorials & Funerals at LAUMC

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Memorial services and funerals are an important part of the ministry and connection that LAUMC offers. We are glad to work with congregation members and with others who need care at a critical time in a family’s life. 

Requesting a Memorial Service
You may begin the process of planning a memorial service by any of the following:

Planning a Memorial Service
One of LAUMC’s pastors will officiate at memorial services held at LAUMC. If you would like another pastor to co-officiate or participate in the service, that may be arranged. 

If you are looking primarily for a space to reserve for a gathering that you will conduct yourself, it may be possible to use the church’s facilities for a fee, depending on availability. 

Scheduling Services
Typically, a funeral occurs soon after the death, with the casket and the body present. Funeral arrangements often include interment of the body or cremated ashes.  

At a memorial service, family, friends, colleagues and the community honor the person who died. It usually takes place several weeks or months after the death, with tributes from a range of people who reflect on the life and legacy of the loved one.

Services can be scheduled for on any day of the week except for Sundays and holidays. Typically, they are scheduled to begin between 11:00 and 2:00 pm.

Once a date has been set and availability of the church and pastor have been confirmed, the responsible pastor and LAUMC’s Memorials Coordinator will meet with you to plan the service and work out the details of the service. 

Order of Service
We work with families to prepare a memorial service that includes readings, reflections, and music appropriate for the person who has died and their family. It is appropriate to invite 3-5 people to offer reflections or testimonies. Each reflection should be 3-5 minutes in length.

Generally, memorial services are about one hour in length.

They follow a general order of service that may include these elements: 

  • Musical Prelude (live or recorded)
  • Welcome
  • Opening Prayer or Word of Grace
  • Remembrances/reflections/eulogy
  • Visual memories (slide show or video)
  • 1-2 Readings (poetry, usually)
  • Special music (soloist or instrumental, or congregational singing)
  • Scripture text 
  • Prayer
  • Brief Homily 
  • Closing blessing
  • Musical Postlude

Music is determined in collaboration with the Memorials Coordinator, who can help you find musicians. Families are welcome to invite guest musicians to provide music beyond the organ and piano music available in the church.

The Memorials Coordinator will work with you on a printed bulletin which will be designed and printed by the church.

Livestreaming of the service is available on request. 

Families and/or guests may arrange for flowers to be delivered for the service.

Fees vary depending on whether you or your family are or have been members or active constituents of LAUMC.  Some fees are optional depending on your selections for the service.  Other fees are required:

Receptions Following Memorial Services
Receptions following the memorial service can be scheduled in various locations on campus.  The Memorial Coordinator will work with you to determine the best location, food offerings and any A/V needs.  Generally, receptions are 1 to 1.5 hours in length.  A selection of cookies and sweet treats, coffee, lemonade and water can be served for a fee.

*A/V Service Options:

Sound Only
1 Contractor

Full A/V Service: 
Sound and Use of Screens in Sanctuary
Can run digital presentations or slideshows
2 Contractors

Full A/V Service (with Livestream): 
Sound and Use of Screens in Sanctuary
Can run digital presentations or slideshows 
Able to Livestream event
3 Contractors