Prayer Concerns

Prayer ImageIf you have a prayer request or a joy you would like to share, please send it to us using our online Prayer Request. Our pastors and the Prayer Ministry Team will honor you by lifting up your request in prayer faithfully. We so often are witnesses to the power of prayer and to the strength found in community. To respect the online privacy and sensitivity of the individuals on our prayer list, we choose to list their first name and last initial only, unless specific permission has been given. If you have questions about anyone listed below, please contact the church office (650-948-1083).  



Joe A., Joe C., Gina D., Kathleen D., Jean F., Jim G., Jan H., Jane H., Joan H., Stephanie H., Matt K., Sandra K., Gene L., Laura & Arne L.R., Julie L., Bonnie M., Sheila M., Jane M., Alicia N.B., David P., Patrick R., Bill S., Elizabeth S., Ken S., Tom S., Matt S., Walter S., Trisha U., Paul V., Evelyn W., Joel W.

ONGOING PRAYERS: Cathi B, Rosemary B, Bea B, Joe C, Kristi C, Inger F, Kathy F, Sally G, Jim G, Lindsay F-M, Alan N, Bill O, Stephanie P, Craig S, Arlene S, John W

MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM AROUND THE WORLD: Ryan Bernacchi (USN), Brandon Blackford (USN), Rachel Z. E. Sheridan (USAF), James Dobson (USAF), Tyler Elgin (USA), Ryan Hayes (USA), Devin Kenny-Hernandez (USA), Phillip Lyman (USA), Kelly McCoy (USA), Seth M. (USA), John Principe (USA), Daniel Wood (USA), David Wood (USA), Jeffrey Wood (USA)