Sunday School

Imagine your child growing in faith, knowing God’s unconditional love, and connecting with friends and leaders who believe that what they are learning will change their world. Welcome to Sunday school! Our kids learn to live out their faith with their head, heart, and hands. Amazing, isn’t it? Join us every Sunday at 9:30am. Use the blue button to register for the Sunday school year 2017–2018:


Age 2-Kindergarten1st-5th GradesSpecial Needs

Age 2 – Kindergarten

Deep Blue Sunday SchoolAll preschool through kindergarten children will jump in the DEEP BLUE to find who God is and learn that “God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.”

All preschool and kindergarten classes meet in our Children’s Center building.

  • 2- & 3-year-olds meet in Room 2
  • 4-year-olds & kindergartners meet in Room 1

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1st–5th Grades

First through fifth graders have Sunday school classes for small-group activities and discussions. Music, activities, storytelling, Bible stories, and more!

Families can check in their children at the Children’s Ministries Office (Room 6) then take them to the following classrooms every Sunday:

  • 1st–3rd grades in Room 9
  • 4th/5th grades in Room 8

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Special Needs

Children with special needs are invited to join us every Sunday for Sunday school at 9:30am. They will be partnered one-on-one with an aide during the Sunday school hour. Each child joins their grade level class to enjoy social, friendship-building time and to participate in the day’s activity, if possible. Please contact the Donovan’s Door coordinator when your child will attend so we can arrange for an aide to be available.