Compassion Week

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In 2016 we surpassed our goal of 2,000 volunteers, and we hope to do the same this year, October 2–8. We will be going beyond our Sanctuary walls and into the world by serving our brothers and sisters. With more than 100 projects, everyone has an opportunity to serve, regardless of age or varied abilities. Consider blocking out an afternoon, a day, or the whole week to serve in our community. Project leaders are an important part of our service! If you are interested in leading a project or learning more about Compassion Week, contact Nadine Tadeo.

Highlights From Compassion Week 2016

Thank you to all who participated in Compassion Week 2016! Instead of holding worship services on October 9, we volunteered in our community, engaging in acts of service all week. Projects ranged from home construction to bicycle repair, food sorting to dinner serving, and more. It was life-changing for many in our community, and we hope it made an impact on your own life, as well.

Here are a few numbers reflecting our work:

  • 110 service projects
  • 2,034 volunteers
  • 4,864 volunteer hours
  • 201,800+ people directly served!

We have two videos highlighting our work, one about our volunteers and one about some of the agencies we partnered with. They are below.



Why does Los Altos UMC have a yearly Compassion Week? What is the goal of Compassion Week?
LAUMC is dedicated to helping people understand the value of becoming a deeply committed follower of Christ. LAUMC offers opportunities to realize this goal through head, heart, and hands. Once a year, we offer this different way to worship, through hands-on service. Compassion Week offers an opportunity for the LAUMC community to experience fellowship and God’s calling through service.
Does it cost money to participate in Compassion Week service projects?
Compassion Week is free for volunteer participants. Expenses are funded from the generous donations of LAUMC congregants during the previous December’s alternate giving campaign. There could be opportunities to donate additional money or resources to the organization hosting your project, but this is NOT mandatory for your participation.
Are there opportunities for all age groups?
LAUMC organizes opportunities for ages 4 up to adults. Some are geared toward kids, youth, families, or seniors.
Do I have to be a member or attender of LAUMC to participate? Can I invite friends and neighbors to sign up as well?
Compassion Week is open to the community and is an excellent time to invite friends, neighbors, and family members to do church differently. Feel free to invite anyone you think would enjoy serving with us.
Who leads Compassion Week and how can I contact them?
Compassion Week is sponsored by Los Altos UMC and is led by a team of volunteers. You can contact the Compassion Week team ( directly with any questions or suggestions.


If you have any additional questions about Compassion Week, please contact Jan McDaniel.