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March Thanks to Our Volunteers

Our congregation is posting thank-you notes each month to highlight some underappreciated volunteers (and staff). In March, we were thankful for:

  • Thank you Jan Grace for coordinating Worship Arts!
  • Thank you Carolyn and Jim Stratton for preparing and coordinating the communion elements every month!
  • Thank you for welcoming us into your church today and inclusivity!
  • Thank you Marilyn H. for backing me up as Choir Pres – when I am away.
  • Thanks to Carole C. who helps get us people to have different offices in the church.
  • Along with the Hoopers, Joan Pampeyan, and Elaine Calk, Eloise Dettner has also been a pew steward for at least 15 years (missing the month of November 2017 for a hip replacement). Eloise is responsible for the right-side pews for the 1st Sunday of each month.
  • Grateful our church now has an Altar that is open for all!
  • I am grateful for the sunshine and the clouds, for my God, my angels and spirit guides. Thank you for your presence.
  • Thank you Pastor Sam for your care and for your wonderful sense of humor.
  • Thank you Pastor Kathi for your heartfelt sermons.
  • I extend genuine appreciation for whoever writes out the Sunday sermons and leaves copies for “us” to read. It’s wonderful!
  • Thank you Jon Visitacion for all he has done for our church – especially the “older” members!
  • For Cindy Golden and the countless hours she puts in to make confirmation happen for the 8th graders here!
  • Thank you to Megan in the office for all that you do for everyone!
  • Thank you Pastor Jon, for your care and support of our senior population! Best wishes to you and your family.
  • Huge thanks to Erin for helping with room reservations on campus and making sure there is space for everyone!

Do you see someone who needs thanks? Add a note to the Gratitude Board—there’s one in the Sanctuary entry and another in the Creekside lobby.