Overflowing Campaign Results

Our preliminary numbers confirm a reality that we already knew to be true—LAUMC is an extravagantly generous church! As of the end of May, our congregation submitted more than 200 commitment cards totaling more than $1.5 million for the upcoming fiscal year, beginning on July 1. These numbers are trending in line with last year’s totals, which suggests that last year’s uptick was not a one year aberration, but rather a new trend in generous giving. Our current commitments will help us sustain the ministries and programs of the church, but to continue growing and expanding our impact, we will need to grow and expand our giving. For those of you who submitted a commitment card and celebrated with us at the chocolate fountain on May 19, thank you for your willingness to faithfully support the overflowing ministries of LAUMC. Your gifts enable this church to continue touching heaven and changing earth with head, heart, and hands.

The church will gladly continue to accept commitment cards through the end of June. Pick up a commitment card at church or submit your commitment online. All members who made a commitment will be receiving a note of thanks from the church, verifying your commitment. Finally, remember that these commitments are for the 2019–20 fiscal year, which begins on July 1. If you need to update your automatic giving settings online, please do so by then.