Ways to Give


Thank you for choosing to give to LAUMC!

Cash Gifts

Each year, our ministries and programs touch the lives of thousands of families and individuals around the world. Your financial support helps make our vision of being a changemaker church a reality!

There are many ways to make a cash gift to Los Altos UMC:

Place your check in the Sunday offering plate.

Make checks payable to Los Altos UMC. Unless otherwise noted, all gifts received in the offering plate are directed to the Operating Fund. Special designations should be written on the memo line of your check.

Place currency and/or coin in the Sunday offering plate.

If you would like to receive contribution credit for your currency and/or coin gift, please place it in a green offering envelope. Write your name and address clearly on the envelope.

Mail your check to the church.

Los Altos United Methodist Church
Attention: Finance Office
655 Magdalena Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94024

Bring your check or currency gift to the church office.

Church office hours are 8:30am–5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Sign up for a monthly direct payment to Los Altos UMC through ACH (Automatic Clearing House).

ACH payments are an easy way to make recurring monthly gifts to Los Altos UMC. Your gift will be automatically transferred from your bank account to the church’s bank account on the first Monday of each month. To establish monthly direct payments, download and complete a debit authorization form and submit it to the Finance Office or contact the Finance Office for assistance. ACH gifts can be cancelled at any time by written request to the Finance Office.  There is no service charge to the church for this type of donation!

Use your bank’s Bill Pay application.

If you use online banking, consider using your bank’s online Bill Pay application to have a check sent to Los Altos UMC. Generally, you can make a one-time gift or set up recurring gift payments.

Wire your donation.

Beneficiary Bank:
Heritage Bank of Commerce
150 Almaden Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95113
Routing Number: 1211-42287
Beneficiary: United Methodist Church of Los Altos
Beneficiary Account: 212101471

Donate Online.

You have the choice of contributing online by credit/debit card or e-check (electronic transfer from your bank account). If you donate by credit card, please consider adding 4% to your gift to cover the fees charged to Los Altos UMC by financial institutions for these transactions. Donate online here.

Make a gift from your Charitable Gift Fund.

If you or your family has established a Charitable Gift Fund, the Finance Office staff will be happy to assist you with information about Los Altos UMC’s tax-exempt status and tax ID number. Charitable gifts are acknowledged in writing when received but do not appear on your annual Statement of Giving.

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Text Message Gifts

Los Altos UMC now has an option to receive your financial gifts by text message. The text-to-donate number is (650) 229-5200. Instructions for giving by text message are below, and you may contact the Finance Office (650-948-1083) for additional assistance.

Texts must be sent with two pieces of information: a gift fund keyword and a dollar amount (whole dollars/numbers only). Below are our main keywords, with sample donation amounts. Other keywords may be activated for special giving opportunities.

MessageDoes What?
GIVE 317Donates $317 to the Operating Fund
ADVENT 100Donates $100 to Advent Generosity
OUTREACH 283Donates $283 to the Outreach Connection agency of the month
BUILDING 411Donates $411 to the Building Fund
UMCOR 175Donates $175 to United Methodist Committee on Relief
PROFILEReturns a link to update your profile

Note: Keywords contain letters only. Any number in the text message will be translated as the dollar amount of your donation. Text donations with an unrecognizable or missing keyword will default to the Operating Fund.

If this is your first time donating to Los Altos UMC by text, you will receive a link to input your credit card information. After the first text, your payment information will be remembered with your mobile number.

Whenever you send a text donation, you will get a confirmation text back. For example: “Thank you for your Los Altos UMC Operating Fund donation of $317.00 gifted with your Visa ending in 1111.”

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Stock Gifts

New Stock Donation Process

LAUMC has streamlined the process for giving stock with a new Charles Schwab account. All stock donations should be sent to Schwab as follows.

For existing Schwab clients:

  • Write and sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) specifying the stock you are transferring, and scan the LOA
  • Log into your Schwab account to upload your LOA on the Secured Messages link
  • Please notify the LAUMC Finance Office of your gift, including your name, stock to be transferred, and any designation

For non-Schwab donors:

  • Contact your broker or institution specifying the stock you are transferring
  • Provide the following information to your institution:

United Methodist Church of Los Altos
LAUMC Account #: 36495861
DTC Clearing 0164, Code 40

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Automobile Donation

Donate your vehicle to LAUMC and save the hassle of selling, handling the DMV paperwork, and getting a smog certificate. Proceeds after cost of sale will be administered by the Gifts & Memorials Committee and will be used for projects not funded by the LAUMC operating budget, such as: Seminary Scholarship Fund, Church Camp counselor scholarships, seminars, conferences, and courses for LAUMC staff members, and the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund.

All vehicle donations are handled through an organization called Charitable Auto Resources (CARS). CARS is a car donation management company that helps more than 200 nonprofits in the U.S. sell donated cars.

One call to CARS does it all!

Tell the CARS representative that you have a vehicle to donate to the United Methodist Church of Los Altos (the legal corporate name of Los Altos UMC).

CARS will schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you, handle all the paperwork, and provide you with confirmation of your donation to LAUMC and all the necessary paperwork for a tax deduction.* This donation will not appear on your periodic Los Altos UMC Statement of Giving.

For additional information, see Frequently Asked Questions below or contact the church office.

*IRA regulations state that if your vehicle sells for more than $500, you will need an IRS form 1098-C in order to deduct the donation on your tax return. CARS will provide the 1098-C if you provide them your social security number. If you vehicle sells for less than $500, a 1098-C is not required by the IRS. Be sure to consult with your tax advisor.

Automobile Donation Frequently Asked Questions

How much money from the car sale will the church receive?
Example: If you car sells for $1,100, after the towing charge, sales expenses, and commission to CARS, Los Altos UMC will receive $880.

Does my car have to be running?
Your car does not have to be running but it must have an engine and be tow-able. It does not need to have a current registration. Call CARS at 877-537-5277 if you have any questions.

How long will it take for someone to pick up my car?
A tow company will contact you within 2-3 business days to arrange a convenient pickup time.

What will happen to my car?
Most cars are sold at auction; some may be sold for scrap; and some high-end or classic vehicles will be specially handled at private sales. Note: If you want top dollar for your car, it is best to sell it yourself and then donate the proceeds to Los Altos UMC.

What paperwork will I need?
The only paperwork needed is a signed, clear title (no liens), and you must have the keys. Have your title with you when you call in your donation.

What if I receive legal notices?
In the rare event that you receive notification of a lien sale, DMV action, or other activity related to your donated vehicle, please contact CARS at 877-537-5277 immediately for assistance.

Why does Los Altos UMC use CARS?
CARS is a highly recommended donation management company and is used by such organizations as Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Services, and KQED and other public broadcasting companies.

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