February Thanks for Volunteers

Our congregation is posting thank-you notes each month to highlight some underappreciated volunteers (and staff). In February, we were thankful for:

  • Harvey Dixon’s 44 years of singing in Chancel Choir

  • Wayne and Judy Hooper, Joan Pampeyan, and Elaine Calk for more than 15 years (and counting) of being pew stewards

  • Tech ministry volunteers who add to our worship experience and help reach out to those who can’t worship with us in person. AND, for the Tech mentors who patiently train the next generation.

  • Margie Gong’s leadership

  • God is making a changemaker out of me!

  • Music that brings joy into this space every service

  • Bill Golden’s wonderful leadership of Morning Glory choir

  • Our pastors

  • Pam and Bill Milam for warming us each Sunday with their smiles and warm tea and coffee

  • Fred Mayo—he stopped what he was doing and let us into the Sanctuary

  • Shulamit for her beautiful music

  • Harold Caudle for everything he does to keep our LAUMC “House” running so well

  • Our beautiful campus and the maintenance crew and volunteers who make it so. I never see a weed!

Do you see someone who needs thanks? Add a note to the Gratitude Board—there’s one in the Sanctuary entry and another in the Creekside lobby.