Twelfth Grade

You showed up to church, now, what’s next?

We believe that because every person is different there’s not one specific list of things you need to do to grow in your faith.  But that can be overwhelming.  So, we have developed a list of things you can do to take a next step in your faith that will work for someone your age.

We encourage you to choose one thing off of the list and let us know you’d like to take that next step.  We’ll get you everything you need (Books, Bibles, etc.) and when you’re done we will set up a time for you to meet with a mentor to talk about what you learned and ask questions about the things that made you scratch your head.

Start by reviewing the choices below, and then fill out the form to let us know which step you want to take!

Read the Bible: Read the books of Ruth and Matthew and make note of your questions to ask your next step mentor when you’re done. We think the CEB Student Bible is a great option for all students.

BookGenerous Orthodoxy By Brian McLaren

DevotionalThe Amazing Next by Brock Morgan

Faith Sharing – Incorporate a concept from your faith in two school assignments.

Church Community – Take stock of your post-high school plans.  If you are moving, make a list of three churches you will want to visit in your new home and contact them to get an idea of what they offer for people your age.  If you are staying close to home, make an appointment with a pastor to talk about how you can become a bigger part of the church as a young adult and look for other religious groups available in the area for young adults.

Justice – Read No Future without Forgiveness by Desmond Tutu and Find a way to engage with the political process beyond voting.  Make an appointment to talk to an elected leader or volunteer to advocate for meaningful policy change in an area of injustice.

Novel – Read this novel with a friend and talk about the spiritual aspects of it: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Fill out this form and take the next step!