The Big Questions Worship Series

Our next worship series, The Big Questions, continues through the end of July. We will examine some of the biggest questions of our faith and try to respond in a way that makes sense for this time and this place: not to give definitive answers, but to explore together.

June 21: Who Needs Organized Religion?
What good is the church? What’s the reason for church?

June 28: How Do I Live Amidst Religious Diversity/Is Christianity the Only Way?
How do we deal with religious differences? Why Christianity?

July 5: Is the Bible Still Relevant?
What’s the use of the Bible? How does the Bible speak to us? Does the Bible speak to us?

July 12: What Happens When We Die?
Is this life all there is? Is heaven real? Is there more to life than death?

July 19: What Happened on the Cross?
What does it mean to say “Jesus died for my sins”? Did Jesus have to die? What if I don’t believe everything?

July 26: Does Love Win? Is God’s Love for Everyone?
What is the idea of God’s universal love? We will reflect on Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins.

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