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Parenting Education Event: Banishing the Bogeyman, March 23

Finger monsters 300pxOur Children’s Center Preschool has scheduled Patty Wipfler, the founder and program director of the nonprofit Hand in Hand Parenting, to come talk about how to ease children’s fears. All are welcome to come on Wednesday, March 23, at 7:00pm in Creekside to hear Patty present the essential skills parents need to help children overcome their fears. She will share information about the roots of children’s fears, how they indirectly communicate about their fears, and how adults can help them recover from frightening experiences. She will offer several listening tools, simple but practical ways to help children release the tension that locks them into reactive behaviors. Participants will go home with an increased understanding of what makes children tick and with concrete, proven strategies for easing their fears.

The program is free, but please register online for planning purposes. Contact Bryn Stuebner to request childcare or for more information.