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That All May Flourish: Advent Generosity 2019

Update: As of January 6, $226,518 has been donated. Thank you to everyone who contributed for helping us far exceed our $150,000 goal!

This Advent, we have an opportunity to live into our new vision statement (Connection. Compassion. Courage. That all may flourish.) through supporting programs that embody the values identified: Salinas First United Methodist Church, Compassion Week 2020, and Dignity on Wheels.

You are invited to participate in Advent Generosity giving throughout the season, each Sunday or during the week all the way through our Christmas Eve services. If you make a gift donation on someone’s behalf, give them an Advent Generosity card (available at the church) to let them know.

About the Recipients


We have been in partnership with Salinas First United Methodist Church for nearly a decade and want to sustain and strengthen this connection. LAUMC has been inspired by the work Salinas FUMC does to battle homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, food insecurity, and many other justice issues for the communities that it serves.


Compassion Week empowers us to meet, understand, and love our neighbors: immigrants, hungry and homeless folks, incarcerated individuals, and others. Compassion Week 2020 will strengthen partnerships with local faith communities and community organizations.


The Dignity on Wheels mobile hygiene outreach program at Project WeHOPE provides free showers and laundry service for the homeless living in their vehicles, encampments, or rotating shelters, and for victims of natural disasters. Dignity on Wheels needs a new truck, which costs $50,000.

Press play to watch the Advent Generosity 2019 video!

How to Participate

  • Cash or check to LAUMC: Place in the offering plate or give to the church office, designated for Advent Generosity.
  • PayPal: Visit or use the PayPal app and send your donation to
  • Online Giving: If you have an online donation account for LAUMC, visit our giving page and give to the Advent Generosity gift fund.
  • Text message: Text AG and your gift amount to 650-229-5200 (follow the prompts to set up an account if you haven’t already).

Advent Generosity Results Top $100k

The Los Altos UMC finance office reports we raised a preliminary total of $101,155 in Advent Generosity donations this Christmas season—thank you for helping us break through the $100,000 mark! We also saw an increase from last year’s giving of nearly $11,000.

The message of this year’s “Christmas Is Not Your Birthday” Advent Generosity campaign to worship fully, spend less, give more, love all and let go inspired an amazing response throughout Advent. At our five Christmas Eve services, for the third year, the entire offering went to the Advent Generosity campaign.

The donated funds will be divided among four organizations: Hope’s Corner, Compassion Week, Homeboy Industries, and Hagar International. Thank you to all who participated.