Senior Recognition Sunday

Sunday, May 30

Hello Graduating Seniors!
CONGRATULATIONS! What a fantastic accomplishment it is to graduate from High School or College! Your resilience and character have been on full display through this pandemic year and those traits will be of huge benefit in your next chapters of life!

Your LAUMC community is thrilled to join you in celebration and have dedicated our entire Worship on Sunday, May 30 to honor and laud you graduates!

To make this worship experience memorable, we are asking for your help.

Here’s what we would love from you:
A 2-minute (or less) video clip of you responding to one or all of the following questions:

  • Start by introducing yourself and which school you have just graduated
  • How has your experience with or at LAUMC impacted your High School or College journey?
  • Share a memory or story about how Faith or God or LAUMC has helped shape you as a graduating senior.
  • What are your dreams for the future?

Please film horizontally, and make sure the audio is clear.
Review the video before you send it in and please no music in the background.
Once you have your 2-minute clip please upload it to the link below and label your file with your last name (ex. marshall.mp4)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me, Stina Marshall, and I will help get it sorted out!

Deadline for Submissions is Monday, May 24

Our amazing digital communications team will take all of your submissions and put together a meaningful tribute to all our graduates that will be a large part of Pastor Kathi’s sermon on Sunday, May 30th.

You can share this with your friends and family who you’d like to celebrate with by inviting them to at 8:30 am, 10:00 am, and 5:00 pm on May 30th.

In addition, if you have any pictures from your last four years that are related to faith, God, serving, mission, LAUMC, etc. in any way, we would love for you to send those to us as well. We will be putting together a slide show for worship and would love to have every graduate represented!

Please submit all photos to the same link above by Monday, May 24.