Same Pastor, Different Title

As of July 1, Pastor Debbie Weatherspoon has a new title! She has transitioned from being the minister of discipleship to being the minister of community engagement. Pastor Debbie makes this change after hearing a calling to this work. She discerned a new way to use her strengths of connectedness, empathy, positivity, harmony, and developing to engage the community both within Los Altos United Methodist Church and beyond the campus, in our neighborhood and wider region.

In her new role, Pastor Debbie will seek to provide collaborative leadership and support to the ministries of Los Altos UMC, with an emphasis on strengthening whole family connections, volunteer development, and partnerships with community organizations. Her key collaborations will be with the Radical Hospitality and Bold Service & Social Justice Practice Committees, the Children’s Center and Children’s Ministries, and our welcome and hospitality ministries.

Please give your support to Pastor Debbie as she makes this transition. Ask her to tell you more about her vision for the congregation’s engagement with our church and our community—and in return, she might ask you where you feel called to engage!

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