Report on General Conference

Bishop Carcaño

The United Methodist Special General Conference regarding the denomination’s stance on LGBTQ inclusion was held last month. Director of Communications Emily Allen attended as a voting delegate, and Associate Pastor Sam Blewis attended as an observer. By a slim margin, legislation passed that increased the enforcement of the church’s exclusionary policies. Los Altos United Methodist Church does not agree with that decision and stands firm in its commitment to full inclusion.

Senior Pastor Kathi McShane and Rev. Sam preached about the outcomes of General Conference and where LAUMC stands in the March 3 worship services. Their words can be found in our archives. Additional reporting and commentary can be found on the California-Nevada Conference website.

LAUMC hosted a post-GC district gathering with Bishop Minerva Carcaño in our Sanctuary on the afternoon of March 3. We extend special thanks to the many volunteers who stepped up to provide hospitality! The bishop gave an overview of what had occurred and shared words of assurance in response to General Conference’s actions. This was the first of 12 such gatherings the bishop will offer around our conference. You can view the highlights video below:

If you continue to have questions or concerns about General Conference, please reach out to our pastoral staff. We are here with you.