Recap: Your Kids Can Thrive!

The Changemaker Initiative recently hosted our Ashoka partners for a public workshop to empower young people to thrive. More than 80 people—from LAUMC as well as schools and the larger community—engaged in discussions about how the world is changing and how that affects us, our young people, and our interactions with them as parent, teacher, or community member. Being a changemaker allows people to adapt to a changing world and includes empathy, teamwork, leadership, and creative problem-solving skills. Anne Evans of Ashoka shared some of the ingredients of raising a changemaker:

  1. Exposure to alternative lifestyles and cultures at a very early age
  2. Opportunities to take on leadership and responsibility at a very early age
  3. Deepening the curiosity in your child

LAUMC Changemaker Fellow and high school student Moorea Mitchell demonstrated the power of a young changemaker when she shared her inspirational project relating to technology addiction. Participants formed small groups to brainstorm ways to support young changemakers, including “encourage boredom to spark creativity” and asking young people, “What are you doing to do about that?” rather than providing solutions for them. The energy and buzz continued long after the program concluded. More conversations will be forthcoming, including a community dinner during Compassion Week. Additional resources are available at the Ashoka site.