Ramadan Dinner Attracts More Than 100 People

Ramadan iftar dinner LAUMC 1 On the evening of June 27, Creekside was alive with storytelling, new friends meeting, prayers exchanged, laughter, and great Turkish food as we shared a fast-breaking Ramadan meal with more than 40 members of the Pacifica Institute. People of all ages from LAUMC and various local Muslim mosques came together to hear about the significance of Ramadan and to observe the evening call to prayer. Organized by the Bold Service and Social Justice Practice Committee, this event was one of many that we have shared with our Muslim “cousins” over the past nine months. LAUMC guests who attended said: “I’ve worked side by side with Muslims in the tech industry but never took the time to talk about traditions, faith and culture. What an inspiring evening.” “I felt so connected with the woman that I dined with, I invited her to join my small group.” “I never understood the similarities we have as faith traditions.”

Ramadan iftar dinner LAUMC 2Guests from Pacifica Institute also shared comments, including one of the evening’s planners: “I came home with a very sweet taste in my mouth, a very pleasant feeling in my heart, and a hope for the future! Tonight was very special. Not only because it was one of the last ten nights of the holy month of Ramadan though. I experienced a strong sense of belonging to the community increasing every minute I spent there. Praying in both religions next to my Methodist friends was priceless. I wish everybody at Pacifica could experience this.”

Thank you to all who made this evening special, and may we continue to grow in compassion, appreciation, and understanding toward our Muslim neighbors.