Parenting Education Event: Helping Kids Nurture Friendships

Wednesday, April 26, 9:00am-10:30am

Do you ever wonder how the pandemic effected your child’s playing behavior and their ability to make friends? Do you wish your child could make friends more easily? Would you like ideas on how to help your child maintain preschool friendships when they go off to different elementary schools? If so, join us for an informative parenting presentation to discover how you can best support children as they navigate their social world.

The Children’s Center and the LAUMC MUM’s Team is proud to be hosting Lauren Meltzer, MA, CLC, Parent Educator. 

Specifically, the workshop will cover: 

  • social skills children need to be successful in developing lasting friendships.
  • how boys and girls can differ in their social development
  • how to teach your children effective conflict resolution skills
  • hands-on methods and techniques to help children  nurture and maintain healthy, and thriving friendships. 

Bring a friend who may be interested in this important topic.
The event is FREE, but please RSVP by either,  clicking this button:

*Coffee/Tea and treats will be served.