Prayer Requests – Internet Explorer 7

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 to submit a prayer request, you may notice the text box under “Please describe nature of your prayer request” shrinks while you type. This is a known issue, but no fix has been found. Here are three possible solutions to this problem:

1. Type out the nature of your prayer request in another program (such as Word, your email program, or any other available program). Then copy that text (select Copy under the Edit menu) and paste it into the Prayer Request form (select Paste under the Edit menu). Even though the text box will shrink after you paste the text, it will still be sent successfully.

2. Use another web browser, if available, such as Firefox or Chrome.

3. Download a newer version of Internet Explorer for free. Windows XP users can download Internet Explorer 8. Windows Vista or Windows 7 users should download Internet Explorer 9.

You may also email your prayer request, just be sure to include all the information requested on the Prayer Request form.

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