Library Refresh: The Next Chapter

August 20 – 28

Exciting news!  

Our church library is now open for a special mission – to find new homes for our beloved books.  These pages hold stories, knowledge, and inspiration, and we invite you to be part of their next chapter.  Each book is waiting to be discovered by a new reader; take a book (or a few!) with you and provide it with a fresh home where it can continue to be cherished and enjoyed.  Don’t forget to let our friends and neighbors know about this opportunity. 

We invite you to explore the library from Sunday, August 20th, until Monday, August 28th. After this date, the books will be gathered and donated to new homes.  To ensure a smooth process and maintain an organized book distribution, please call us at the office (650-948-1083) to arrange a convenient time for you to come by and choose your next chapter.  Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 9 am-5 pm, and we’ll gladly assist in any way needed. 

Thank you for helping us allow these books to inspire and delight again.  Together, we’re creating a legacy of knowledge and imagination. 

Wensday Wagner
Chief Administrative Officer