Imagine Worship Series, May 31-June 14

A Three-Part Journey Into Embracing God’s Future

Ephesians 3:20-21 speaks of a God who is able to do infinitely and abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine. The narrative of God is one in which God speaks things into being. Things that did not exist before have all the potential of being present now and in the future through the power of God. As God’s people, we are called to this “Imagine” spirit, where we hope and hunger for the new. We celebrate over these three weeks the “beyond imagination” potential of children, the creative power of the arts, and the unknown ripples of our ministry together.

May 31 | The Children Are Our Future (Children’s Celebration Sunday)

How do we celebrate and cherish the incredible potential that exists in every child? How do we understand the great need to invest in their potential, not just as parents, but as a community of faith? What they will be is “beyond imagination”! Retiring Children’s Center Director Non Mead will preach at the morning services, and we will celebrate her service with our preschool families as well as our overall Children’s Ministry. The scripture is 1 Corinthians 3:10-14.

June 7 | In the Image of God (Arts Alive! Sunday)

The first thing we come to understand in Scripture about God’s character is that God is a “creator God.” God takes the formless and even the void and shapes beauty into creation. God is the Divine Artist. To be created in the image of God means that we have the capacity for great imagination and creativity. To celebrate the gift of the arts is to celebrate the character of God that lives within us. As we lift up and acknowledge the incredible gifts within our community, we celebrate the creative power of a God who “paints the sky and shapes the beauty of our earth.” Holy Communion will be served at all services. Pastor Mariellen will preach at the morning services and Pastor Dirk at the evening service. The scripture is Genesis 1:1-5, 26-27.

June 14 | A Call to Multiply (Celebration of Ministry)

When faithful people respond to God’s call to “go forth and make disciples,” amazing things happen. The church in Acts 16:5-15 is a community that continued to multiply. When ministry takes place, multiplication happens. We have to believe that the power of God is able to do far more than we ask or imagine. There are “unknown ripples” of our ministry together, changing lives and transforming this world. Pastor Mariellen will give the message at the morning services and Pastor Sam at the evening service.

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