Text Message Gifts

Los Altos UMC now has an option to receive your financial gifts by text message. The text-to-donate number is (650) 229-5200. Instructions for giving by text message are below, and you may contact the Finance Office (650-948-1083) for additional assistance.

Texts must be sent with two pieces of information: a gift fund keyword and a dollar amount (whole dollars/numbers only). Below are our main keywords, with sample donation amounts. Other keywords may be activated for special giving opportunities.

MessageDoes What?
GIVE 317Donates $317 to the Operating Fund
OUTREACH 283Donates $283 to the Outreach Connection agency of the month
BUILDING 411Donates $411 to the Building Fund
UMCOR 175Donates $175 to United Methodist Committee on Relief
PROFILEReturns a link to update your profile

Note: Keywords contain letters only. Any number in the text message will be translated as the dollar amount of your donation. Text donations with an unrecognizable or missing keyword will default to the Operating Fund.

If this is your first time donating to Los Altos UMC by text, you will receive a link to input your credit card information. After the first text, your payment information will be remembered with your mobile number.

Whenever you send a text donation, you will get a confirmation text back. For example: “Thank you for your Los Altos UMC Operating Fund donation of $317.00 gifted with your Visa ending in 1111.”