Stock Gifts

Thank you for considering a gift of stock to LAUMC. There are two ways to make stock gifts.

Broker to Broker Stock Transfer

Please contact Linda Miller in our Finance Office before initiating a stock transfer. She will provide you with our current brokerage account information.

It is very important that you notify us before completing your transfer. Due to confidentiality restrictions, our broker does not provide us with donor information. It is very important that you notify us so that we can give you proper credit for the contribution and ensure that your gift reaches the proper ministries and funds.

When you contact us, please provide:

  1. Your name and address
  2. Name of company whose stock you are transferring
  3. Number of shares you are transferring
  4. Specific ministries or funds to which your gift should be directed.

 Stock Certificate

If you have stock certificates, they can be hand-delivered to LAUMC’s Finance Office. Please call ahead (650-948-1083) and make an appointment so that the paperwork you will need to sign is ready when you arrive.