Endowment Fund

What Is an Endowment?

Endowment gifts are planned gifts from our hearts to the mission and ministries of our church. They have enduring impact because endowment funds are permanent; they will be available long into the future of the church. Only the total return from such funds will be used.

As a donor you also have the ability to direct your gift with your heart, specifying the area of ministry you most wish to support. Perhaps you wish the grounds to continue to be maintained for future generations or music has been especially important to you, or you want to ensure the development of new children’s programs. Your gift can make a difference to the future of any ministry or ministries you choose.

All undesignated gifts to LAUMC in excess of $25,000 are allocated partially to the Endowment Fund and the Opportunity Fund as follows: 50% Property Endowment, 20% Program & Mission Endowment, and 30% unrestricted Opportunity Fund, which is managed by the Church Council.

Sowing Seeds of Love and Faith

There are many ways that you can make a legacy gift to the church you love. Endowment gifts are often made as part of a will or estate plan. You might specify a percentage, specific dollar amount, or the residue of your estate as a gift to the church.

Other types of planned gifts are given during a person’s lifetime. These may be designed to take advantage of allowable income and estate tax incentives, as well as to provide income for you or a loved one.

To make the gift that is right for you and your church, it is important to understand your choices. We invite you to contact us for a brochure on topics of specific interest to you.

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