Designated Funds

There are times when special designated gifts are needed to enable the participation of congregation members in life-changing ministries and programs sponsored by Los Altos UMC.  There are times when our pastors reach out to our congregation and our community on our behalf to help those with an urgent, short-term need for financial support.  Your financial gifts to the Designated Funds described below, help us extend the loving hand of God to others in our congregation and beyond.

Starfire Summer Tour Scholarships

Los Altos UMC’s senior high school choir, the Starfire Singers, takes the affirming message of God’s love on the road for two weeks every summer.  Donations to the Starfire Summer Tour Scholarship fund helps students whose families cannot afford the entire cost of the trip. 

Church Camp Scholarships

Los Altos UMC All-Church Camp takes place for one glorious week each summer at Camp Lodestar. Donations to the Church Camp Scholarship fund helps families who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Mission Trip Scholarships

Los Altos UMC sponsors a variety of life-affirming and world-changing Hand-On Mission Trips each year. The cost of these mission trips is generally born entirely by the participant. Donations to the Mission Trip Scholarship fund help people who want to serve, but for whom the trip cost is prohibitive.

Older Adult Activity Scholarships

Los Altos UMC has an active Older Adults group. While their exciting local day trips are not expensive, some older adults live on limited fixed incomes and are not able to pay the cost of the trips. Donations to the Older Adult Activity Scholarship fund makes participation possible for everyone regardless of ability to pay.

Pastors’ Discretionary Fund

Our pastors often hear of critical financial needs in our congregation and community. Donations to the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund are available for our clergy to use at their discretion to help people who find themselves in sudden, urgent, short-term need of financial help.