Flourishing in 2021

Many of us have reached the end of 2020 feeling depleted. After months of not-normal, you may be eager to return to a more engaged, connected, active routine.  And yet…you don’t want to return to the same frenzied patterns you gave up in the pause of the last several months. 
As 2021 begins, you may be asking: 

  • How can I make conscious, intentional decisions about my life’s pace and priorities that reflect my most important personal values? 
  • Are there steps I can take now to get ready to leave behind some old, unsatisfying patterns in my life? 
  • Is this time an invitation to re-balance work and leisure, family and outside commitments, activity, and rest? 
  • Is this the moment for a ‘re-set’—of my priorities, my commitments, my relationships?  

We invite you to take some time in early 2021 to give your whole life some much-needed attention, and to set some new intentions for how you might flourish in your own life – using interactive content adapted from a program at Stanford University’s WorkLife Office. 

With a small group you already belong to, or with a new group forming in January, you are invited to explore your values and engage in reflective practices to help you plan actions for flourishing in the year ahead. In six sessions meeting every other week from the end of January through mid-April, we’ll enjoy thoughtful discussions designed to help you consider the ways you can move forward from your COVID experience into a richer and fuller life. 

The content is workbook-based and enhanced with videos by Pastor Kathi McShane.  The cost to participate is $15 per person, to cover the workbook and materials.  Groups are limited to 10 people. Click on the signup button to see all available days and times.

Sign up for a group as we shake off 2020 and dare to imagine a new year of possibility!