Conversational Church Invitation

Theologian Karl Barth is famous for having said, “Christians should live holding the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other.” Maybe it has always felt this way, but today it seems that every news story invites us to rush to judgment—about people, policies, and actions we really don’t know much about. We need a thoughtful, conscious, respectful, and maybe even kind voice in our heads, reminding us that there is another perspective to consider.

Conversational Church, which meets on Sundays at 11:15am in the Live Oak Room, is a place where we practice respectful listening across differences, work out our beliefs with one another, and listen together for God’s voice. Each week this winter, we’re starting with a news article and holding it up next to a piece of wisdom from the Bible, letting one cast light on the other. You can find each week’s topics in the Wednesday E-Note (subscribe here) or in the Conversational Church Facebook group.

Know someone who is skeptical about church, and maybe even about Christians? Conversational Church is a great place to invite them to see that your church is different.