Faith Quest Videos

At LAUMC, children in grades 1 through 5 participate each Sunday in Faith Quest Rotation Workshops. Faith Quest features five activity-packed workshops, including art, cooking, games, drama and film. Every week, each class rotates to a different workshop. The workshops focus on a central theme each month, such as “Entering the Promise Land” or “The Baptism of Jesus.” The children can experience and learn about a topic in several different ways through the different workshops. One of these workshops is Good News Network, where the children re-enact a Bible story related to the month’s theme and make a short video. Another of the workshops is Sunday Morning Live, where the classes eat popcorn, watch the video they made the week before, and watch a professionally produced video on the same topic.

Posted online here are videos from Good News Network for you and your child to enjoy. Click on a date below to watch the video from that week’s class.

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