Special Needs

Donovan’s Door welcomes families with special needs children to be part of our family at Los Altos UMC.

We offered support a few years ago for a preschooler named Donovan so that his mother could attend church on a regular basis. It soon became clear that other families would benefit from similar assistance, and Donovan’s Door began to grow. Our mission is to open the “door” that allows families to grow in faith by providing loving care for children and teaching them about God’s love, while providing opportunities for parents to nurture their own spiritual needs.

For more information or to register, contact the director of Children’s Ministries.

Sunday School

Special needs children are invited to join us every Sunday at 10:00am where they are partnered one-on-one with an aide during Sunday School hour. Each child joins their grade level class to enjoy social, friendship-building time, and to participate in the day’s activity, if possible.

Respite Nights

During LAUMC’s no-cost Respite Nights, parents take time for themselves while special-needs children and their siblings are cared for. For upcoming dates and more information, contact the director of Children’s Ministries.