Changemaker Celebration Dinner, Jan. 26

Once upon a time, a church in Los Altos risked something big for something good. It said “yes” to a partnership with a secular entrepreneurship organization to try something new, something unknown. It embarked on a journey to learn about changemaking and faith—a different way to make an impact in the world. It mobilized lots of people of all ages in all kinds of roles, including ambassadors, Fellows, allies, and teams. They listened and gathered and researched and shared and explored. They had lots of questions and few answers, but they were open and eager to learn and see what God has in store. They had to overcome fears and doubts and uncertainty. They had to be patient. They had to look inward and outward at the same time. Slowly, eventually, new vocabulary words emerged: diffuse leadership, faith, trust, empowerment, creative problem solving. New ideas were tried, opportunities seized, and obstacles overcome. Rumblings started in this small community that something was different. People were energized—growing in their faith in new ways, discovering open doors, and seeing their place and calling in the world from a fresh perspective. And God is clearly working. The big risk is leading to lots and lots of good things!

Come to The Changemaker Initiative’s free dinner celebration on Saturday, January 26, 6:00–8:00pm in Creekside to learn all about it. Hear amazing stories of compassion-driven changemaking and personal growth. It’s like an inspiring, thrilling book you can’t put down—and it’s only the first chapter! You will also hear about the vision for The Changemaker Initiative going forward, a preview of many chapters to come. This story has no end but many, many joyous beginnings. And everyone plays a part.

The dinner is expected to be well attended, so please register if you plan to attend. For more information, contact Lay Director Kim Jones.