Boxill Memorial for Youth Orchestras

Honoring Merle & Rae Boxill
July 29, 1941 – Dec 19, 2019

Merle Boxill was a longtime member of LAUMC. You may have met Merle at Conversational Church, Sunday School, or in one of the many United Methodist Women activities she enjoyed. She made connections wherever she went. We were all part of her “beloved community.” She would say ”people matter more than things” and she lived that belief through her actions. After Merle “retired” from teaching, she joined her husband Rev. Rae Boxill in working with a K-12 charter in San Jose. They were both scholars who made complex academic concepts accessible and believed in education that empowered students to pursue their goals in a global society.

Merle loved the notion that children were like flowers in a garden who require tender care and cultivation. When they got married, Merle and Rae agreed that the first item needed for their new household was not new furniture or a stereo, but a piano, so their future children would learn how to play and have music as a part of their lives. Today, all their adult children sing and play multiple instruments, and some teach music. One of their children’s favorite memories is of Merle and Rae harmonizing when the family went on long car trips. Both Merle and Rae had wide musical interests from calypso music to Wesley hymns. Merle was a great fan of the Sing-along Messiah. Rae was a fan of James Last and Andre Rieu, and excitedly took the family to hear Andre Rieu’s orchestra when they came to town.  

Merle and Rae believed in a gospel of inclusion. Merle loved the story of the shepherd who went out to find his one lost sheep. She was all about finding that one sheep. Now we have an opportunity to support the St Lucia School of Music in honor of Merle and Rae. The school has a student orchestra that is in need of instruments so the students can practice at home. During the pandemic they are also in need of smart devices so they can take lessons remotely, since most households have a single smart device that can’t be devoted to music lessons.

One of Merle’s favorite places growing up was the market in St. Lucia—where colors, sounds, earth’s bounty, and the people came together. Can you contribute to this bounty and make a donation of an instrument or smart device to support this generation of children from St. Lucia to blossom and grow?

There are three ways to join the Merle and Rae Boxill Memorial for St Lucia School of Music

St. Lucia students outside with string instruments

Financial Donation
Financial donations of $5 to $500 will be used to purchase instruments and internet access for students. Click the Boxill St Lucia Music Student Fund button below to donate.

Saxophone on sheet music

Student Instruments
We are looking for string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments in all sizes for students 8 and up. Drumsticks and 14” drum pads are also needed. Please click below to donate.

Apple Mac Laptop and iPad

Tablets and Laptops
Tablets and laptops will enable students to attend music lessons remotely. Devices should be no more than 5 years with a charging cable. Please click below to email regarding donating devices.