August Outreach Connection: K-12 Team

This month’s featured Outreach Connection agency is K-12 Team, which serves students in Los Altos and Mountain View schools. Its vision is to provide a community educational center for any student in our area. K-12 Team provides reading lessons, reading comprehension support, and math support for students who need educational support outside of the standard class day. The majority of students are elementary-aged English language learners who are struggling with foundational reading and math skills. Most also receive free or reduced lunches due to their family’s minimal financial resources.

On Sunday, August 26, founder Carol Nunnally will speak at our worship services about the agency’s work, and we will take a special offering. All funds donated to the Outreach Connection offering will be used to provide educational services and/or materials to dedicated families. You may give in person, by text (text OUTREACH and your gift amount to 650-229-5200) or online. Thank you for helping K-12 Team serve these at-risk youth!