Reconciling Church – Books for Adults

Reconciling Church Logo(Most of these books are available in the LAUMC Library)

Is It A Choice? Eric Marcus – Answers to 300 of the most frequently asked questins about Gays and Lesbian.

Stranger At The Gate, Mel White – To be Gay and Christian in America.

On Being Gay, Brian McNaught – Thoughts on family, faith, love.

Now That You Know, Betty Fairchild and Nancy Hayward – A book to help parents understand what a gay son or daughter is trying to share.

A Place At The Table, Bruce Bawer – An intelligent and eye-opening book to the Gay individual in American society.

A Family Heart, Rob Forman Dew – A memoir of when their son came out.

Beyond Acceptance, Carolyn Griffin and Marian and Arthur Wirth – Parents of Lesbians and Gays talk about their experiences.

Can Homophobia Be Cured? Bruce Hilton – Wrestling with questions that challenge the church.

Of Sacred Worth, Paul A. Mickey, (Abingdon, 1991) – A biblical examination regarding homosexuality that affirms the United Methodist official policies of discrimination from a respected scholar in New Testament studies. Whether one agrees with these conclusions or not this book is an opportunity to hear from the “other side.”

The New Testament and Homosexuality, Robin Scroggs, (Fortress, 1983) – From a highly regarded New Testament scholar, a description of the history and context of first century Palestinian attitudes towards homosexual behavior. He argues that 21st century terms for, and understanding of, homosexuality are so entirely different than first century Palestine that it is irresponsible to equate them.