2018 Advent Generosity Report

For the ninth consecutive year, our congregation participated in Advent Generosity as a way of choosing hope rather than fear. Two thousand years ago, God’s gift of Jesus was a tangible and transformational expression of God’s love for our world. Over Advent 2018, our church chose to express God’s love in a tangible and transformational way through our extravagant generosity. In total, we raised $80,904, which will be distributed to three outstanding causes that empower individuals to fulfill their hopes and dreams. 

  • The Scholarship Fund at Escuela Popular, a school located in San Jose that serves primarily undocumented immigrants, continues investing in the lives and futures of its graduates who need support as they pursue higher education. 
  • The UMC Microfinance Connection provides a platform for us to make microloans to individual entrepreneurs in developing nations who are seeking to start or advance their business. 
  • Compassion Week 2019 will offer church and community members an opportunity to put their faith into action by performing acts of service and social justice. 

Thank you for practicing extravagant generosity through your contributions to Advent Generosity. Since 2010, LAUMC’s outpouring of love and support during the Advent season has resulted in a total of $696,893 being put to work to enrich, empower, and improve the lives of others all around the globe.